About the Upcoming Record, Memos

Getting Creative

Being a father of three with a full time job, there wasn't much free time to dedicate to making music. That being said, this album, sensibly titled "Memos", all started as blips and blurbs recorded with the memo app on my phone. During any point of silence I had throughout the day, I would brainstorm melodies. On my way to work and on my way home, if I wrote something I liked I'd take a few minutes on my lunch break to put it to chords and music. From there I would go everywhere with a notepad, writing down lyrics as they came to me. Most of the time putting my collection of thoughts together would be late at night when the rest of my family was fast asleep and I could put in some extra hours alone. These songs we're created by a great deal of determination that I think any good artist should have- the kind that insists you continue to create whether you want to or not. I am incredibly excited to share my efforts with all of you who will listen.  

The Story

The tracks themselves delve deeper into my fight to find balance between being a father and provider while still remaining a creative dreamer. I found myself in a comfortable place, which is always a good sign that something’s not right.  The first song that I wrote was a track called, Papers. It’s a sarcastic piece about giving up my creative dreams to work a day job because that’s what society says you’re supposed to do. Many of the lyrics touch on this struggle, but also include other thoughts on life, love, and my greatest fears.

The turning point came in the middle of creating this album when my uncle got sick. I was in awe of the peace he had throughout his last days and it really woke me up. After he passed, the remainder of the album took on a new light. It evolved from a very cynical, complaisant collection of my everyday thoughts into wanting to turn that all around and focus on the good in my life. Not only did it make the songs better, which in turn made the album better, but the experience also made me realize that I should be doing what I love. Soon I’ll be leaving the comfort of my full time career to pack up my family and move halfway across the United States. In Denton, TX, I plan to focus more on my music and being creative. Most importantly I’m looking forward to a new adventure with my family and the chance to teach my kids how to live with love and a smile on your face, never settling for a life that doesn't make you fully happy. 

Video by: JD Hudson 
Photos by: Brent Van Auken