Recording A New Record

It's that time of year, yes, the time where we throw all of our thoughts, blips and blurbs, onto the table to record yet another album. I'm thrilled to say we are officially in the studio working on pre-production demos for our upcoming release appropriately titled, "Memos". There is a ton of excitement around this record, not only because the songs are meaningful and real, but also because of the many people that will be helping put it together. Along with myself and my very talented band mates, the brilliant Brian Hall will be acting as producer and head of arrangements. Brian is a specialist when it comes to orchestral composition and is known mostly for his amazing work scoring film and video. That being said, this is a very different record than our latest rock and roll effort, "Californian"; you can expect every song to be musically intricate and intriguing- a unique blend of fresh sounds with retro soul, and an entirely timeless approach. Keep an eye out for photos, videos, and updates as we venture off into our creative world. Cheers, and Happy Holidays my friends!