What We've Been Up To...

Hello! It's been a minute since my last news post, so what do you say we catch you up?

First, I released a tribute this week to one of my all time favorites, David Bowie. The song is a cover of "Golden Years", one of my favorites from the album Station to Station. I was lucky enough to get Claire Morales to come and sing with me, and I think it turned out fantastic! I produced, engineered, and played all of the music on the track (with the exception of Gunnar Ebeling on the bass guitar), and it was mixed and mastered by the great wizard, Roy Robertson. Hear it and download for free on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, and enjoy this photo gallery below, courtesy of The Vision Beautiful. 

Second, we've been shooting some videos that we're very excited to share with you (soon). The first of these videos was a live session at the Denton Music Workshop where we played three tracks from our upcoming record, Memos. The best part about these sessions is that we were accompanied by a makeshift orchestra made up of some of the best artist in all of North Texas: Leoncarlo, Jacob Metcalf, Teddy Waggy (Siamese), and Roy Robertson (Pageantry). The other video we've got coming for you is an official music video for a fan favorite track, Humanitarians. Without giving away too much, here are a couple of photos from our incredibly cold shoot in Colorado: 

Other than that, we've been playing some great shows and have more coming that we hope to see you at. Thats all folks! As always, the best way to keep up with whats going on is by following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Cheers!